CCTV Training

This qualification is ideal for anyone wishing to work as a CCTV operative. It provides learners with the necessary skills and knowledge to apply for an SIA licence in this field. It has been developed to meet the requirements of the Security Industry Authority (SIA). The need for CCTV and CCTV Operators is on the rise and the need for quality Closed Circuit Television training is widespread. This SIA recognised three-day course is designed to teach you how to assist companies with their CCTV, as well as train you to be a proactive CCTV Operator


This qualification consists of three units:
Unit 1: Working within the Private Security Industry
Unit 2: Working as a CCTV Operator within the Private Security Industry
Unit 3: Practical Operation of CCTV Equipment within the Private Security Industry 


Security operatives are likely to make calls to the emergency services or need to communicate clearly to resolve the conflict. It is therefore essential that security operatives can communicate clearly.


This course is delivered over 3-4 days.

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