Security FAQ's

Are your Security related courses approved by the SIA.?

Yes, all of the SIA related courses delivered by Skills for Jobs Ltd are approved and recognised by the Security Industry Authority. We are also listed on the SIA website as an approved training provider.

Can you or do you apply for my SIA Licence.?

No, we do not apply for your SIA license on your behalf, however, we will provide as much guidance and advice as is required to make your application process as easy and smooth as possible. More information about applying for your licence can be found on the SIA’s website, see: or you can view a video on our website which will guide you through what to do.

If I fail my course, what do I do.?

If you do in fact fail your course or any module/exam within it, you will be notified and given the option to retake the failed module at a later date. You are entitled to 2 free re-sits per module.

What is the cost of an SIA Licence.?

The cost of renewing the SIA Licence is the same as for new applicants which is £190.
For those who have more than 1 licence, the second licence is £95 (e.g., for those who have another current SIA licences such as a SG or CCTV)
Why does my course fee not include my SIA Licence.?

VERG Ltd is the training centre providing the tuition and qualification that candidates need to apply for their SIA licence. The badge itself is applied for directly from the Security Industry Authority and they ask a fee for processing and issuing the SIA licence.
You will find a video of how to apply on our website. Please remember that if you already have an existing account do not set up a new account.

How can I check if I have passed my examination.?

VERG Ltd administers the examinations on behalf of the awarding body (HABC). At the end of the exam all the test materials are sent to HABC for marking and the results will be emailed to you when we receive them. Please note Due to Data Protection no results can be given out over the telephone. Results can take up to 10 working days – 2 weeks from when the Awarding Body receive the. Certificates will be emailed on we have received your results.

How can I check I have the correct identification?

You can find a complete list of accepted documents here

In line with the security Industry Authority documentation, approved Highfield centers may accept the following forms of identification:

Candidates must be able to produce the following identification:

• 1 item from Group A and 2 items from ‘Group B



Group A

Signed valid passport of any nationality

Driving licence photocard if it was issued by the DVLA in UK 

Driving licence photocard and its paper counterpart issued by the DVA in Northern Ireland

UK original birth certificate issued within 12 months of birth.

UK biometric residence permit card.

Group B Documents 

Documents that confirm identity and your address

Bank or Building Society statement issued to current address, less than 3 months old

(You can use more than one statement as long as each is issued by a different service provider)

Utility Bill (gas/electric/telephone/water/satellite/cable/utility issued to your current address within the last 3 months 

A credit card statement sent to your current address within the last 3 months.

(You can use more than one statement as long as each is issued by a different service provider)

Council Tax statement issued in the last 12 months

Mortgage statement issued in the last 12 months

Letter from H.M. Revenue & Customs /DWP/Jobcentre Plus/local authority issued in the last 3 months

(You can use more than one statement as long as each is issued by different Government departments or different local authorities

P45 or P60 tax statement issued in the last 12 months 

Current UK driving licence – paper version (not the counterpart to a photocard).

Pension, endowment, or ISA statement issued in the last 12 months

Valid UK firearms licence with photo